Navajo Drums

Navajo DrumsNative Americans had few musical instruments. Most notable are rattles, rasps, and flutes. However the one instrument common to all North American indigenous cultures was the drum. Native American drums are usually made from a carved out log, with tanned buckskin stretched taut across the opening and secured with sinew thongs. The Navajo culture also has a tradition of crafting ceremonial drums. Navajo drums are sometimes decorated with pictures, beads or feathers. Authentic Navajo drums are greatly prized by collectors of native American crafts.

Navajo drums where mainly used during ceremonies and rituals. Their "sacred call" was believed to summon "the Holy Ones", or ancestral spirits. These "powwows" could last for a few hours or many days. The longer ceremonies would have masked dancers and were performed to restore balance between good and evil, or positive and negative forces. It was a high honor for a Navajo warrior to be chosen to play the drums during these rites.

The Navajo seem to have a special talent for creating beautiful drums. Each genuine Navajo drum is a one of a kind creation. The Dineh artisans, of today, that hand craft authentic Navajo drums are noted for their skills used to construct and decorate their drums, often expressing individual style while remaining true to their Navajo heritage. Authentic Navajo drums are popular and highly sought after as Native American art collectibles.

Important Note: The following are auction listings, over which this site has no control with respect to their authenticity as genuine Navajo made Drums. Some may be Navajo "style", which is fine, if that is what you are looking to purchase. Please read the listings carefully then make your own decisions, and buy from reputable sellers with high feedback ratings.

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